protection - kaitse

Estonian Museum of Contemporary Art,

Tallinn, 2016



aeg on kaes

this is what they seem to be afraid of.

one step forward two back

do you have enough light?

should I ring? should I? what would happen..

we could go outside, but maybe it is raining.

I put one foot on the rock, but then I decided not to climb to the top today

we are armed A--> A`=a




soundinstallation based on german conversation book for USSR

black curtain, cardboard house, light bulbs

onion, eggs, walnut, clay, mirror
oropax ear wax, pencil, glass, acrylic glass, diverse amounts of wood,

clay, cardboard, sprouting garlic, tableglass, tape

fotographs (the house, the hands, the hunt, the attack/leopard)

drawings (the cabin, the hedgehog, the head)




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fractal housing sound installation, light bulb box house